Roy Weard - A Musical History VII


Although I was touing a lot at the time I stayed in contact with Tony Morley, who continued to play gigs with various bands. Tony and I began work on a project called The Golden Cage. The idea for this came from a woman I met in Germany in 1984. She was seeing several men at the time but had one man that she had agreed to marry. She told me he was not the best of all the men she was seeing but had a lot of money and would set her up in business so it was the best option for her. She called this situation 'a golden cage' and I had the idea of writing an album about the various ways that human beings choose to tie themselves up in relationships.

All of the songs were written and we started recording but my touring activities were beginning to take more and more time and it soon became impossible to find the time to finish it. At the end of it we had four half finished studio tracks and some demos recorded at Tony's flat in South London. There are a couple of great guest spots on the studio stuff by John Trelawney on violin and Dave Hewson on keyboards but it was all unfinished.

We had written a large body of songs over the years we had worked together and Tony recorded a couple of these with other bands. I have colled some of these demos on a home blown CD called the Weard and Juan D'Erful Songbook but I am unsure what I will do with it from there. A couple of the tracks we wrote are on the new CD , Writing in a Skeleton Key' You can, also, have a listen to and download som eof the original demos here.

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Shortly after this we made another attempt at getting a new band on the road. There were a number of rehearsals with a band called 'The Unexpected' . This featured Steve Bensusan on guitar and vocals, John Mortimer on drums, Peter Victor on bass and Tony on keyboards and guitar. I was doing the vocals and playing a few saxophone riffs. This was beginning to sound quite good but a long Chappo tour loomed and, by the time I got back, everyone had other projects on hand. Gradually the sound engineering became a full time project and, although I continued to write, I got less and less time to do anything with it. You can download a few tracks here.

I moved to Hamburg in 1991 and lost contact with all of them.