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22nd April 2017


The Real Music Club at The Prince Albert, 48 Trafalgar St, Brighton BN1 4ED.

Release of ' Roy Weard's solo album, This House In Amber' - Roy Weard and supporting musicians - Nick May (Whimwise, The Enid) on guitar and Damo Waters (Clowwns, Electric Soft Parade, Zofff, Crayola Lectrern....and more) on drums with Cliff Dowding on Keyboards, Andy Power on bass and Pixie Tonks Dhel on vocals. supporting the Welsh band 'Sendelica' with extra support from CP Lee - 'Just One Alberto'

25th June 2017

12 - 5pm


The Bandstand - Victoria Park, London E8

That Legendary Wooden Lion performing in the Victoria Park London